So what does ‘think better’ mean?

Well, it depends on your circumstances and your personality.

It might mean that we help you to clarify your thoughts, we help you find the answers to questions you have long thought about but hardly dared to voice because they were ‘unrealistic’ or ‘impossible’.

What is coaching?

Have you ever started a sentence with ‘well, what I’d really like to do with my life is… but I can’t because…’? In that case, coaching is probably for you!  It’s about focusing on what you really want to do – not on what you feel you ‘should’ do.  Coaching is about setting yourself goals that you actually want to achieve, but perhaps were a bit afraid of even trying to.

We provide coaching for…

Your goals, your way! Helping you to find solutions that fit your circumstances.

Avanti Coaching is about you

The coaching you provided definitely played a major role in my ability to successfully take the next step in my career. The rigour and challenge which the coaching provided has prepared me well for senior leadership. I now utilise some of these strategies with other colleagues who require direction and coaching.
I am now based at Rydens Enterprise School, part of the Howard Partnership. I was promoted to Deputy Head after 1 year as Assistant Head at Thomas Knyvett College and am now in my third year as a Deputy. Rydens has only just joined the partnership and is in a challenging situation but one that is exciting to be involved in. Among other things I am currently leading on T & L and loving it!

Coaching with Avanti is about

  • YOUR GOALS, dreams and ideas.
  • YOUR WAY of thinking and acting.
  • ASKING YOU the right questions.
  • HELPING YOU to find solutions that fit YOUR circumstances, rather than following a suggestion that you’re not really happy with and that takes you in a different direction.
Is coaching for me?
I worked with Ceri for 3 years. As a leader she was inspiring and as a manager she was exceptional. She listened in a way I hadn’t experienced before and made me feel as though my opinion and my ideas were important to her. She coached me through the significant changes I experienced when moving from my previous school to St Paul’s and then through the process of becoming Acting Headteacher when she moved on. The way she coached me made me think differently, so that I was clear about the decisions I made and the impact they would have.
I met Ceri through a friend of mine. Her kindness, compassion and ability to make me think when she worked with me made a huge difference to me! I’d recommend working with her regardless of what industry you work in!
Meeting Ceri a few months ago was and has been a revolutionary experience.

I was at a dreadful point of my life (especially career) back then and I knew that I had to change something otherwise I would go mad. After 7 years of teaching in various schools I felt trapped, I didn’t know how to even start considering taking a different path.
Then I heard about Ceri from a friend of mine and I decided to meet her straight away.
Ceri struck me as a professional, competent and determined person I could trust and look up to. Over a couple of sessions she has made me realise how much potential I’ve got and what I really want from my life. Most importantly she has motivated and “pushed” me to actually start pursuing my goals.
If I think of it now, I can’t believe how much has changed and how much happier I’ve become in such a short period of time. I’m still on my way to achieving my target but I’m getting there and I am really enjoying the process!!!
My advice to anyone considering taking up coaching with Ceri is: DO IT! You will not regret it, you will know it’s right for you right after the first session.

Want to know some more on my revolutionary experience with Ceri? Email me.

What can coaching do for you?



So how did you feel when you were told this? Maybe you were too afraid to try because you might get it wrong… and then face those who said you should never have tried anyway.

Step Forward
When we look at those who are at the top of their profession in business, politics, education, sport and so on, they all had to start somewhere; usually from dreaming about what they really wanted and taking a very small first step forward.
Make It Happen
Coaching can help you to find what it is that you really want at any particular point in your life, on both a professional and personal level, and then give you the courage to make it happen.
Coaching Goals
Coaching goals have nothing to do with being Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bonded… coaching goals are exciting, personal and deeply motivating.

How does coaching work?

Coaching is a series of sessions lasting 55 minutes each. Usually, each coaching package lasts 12 sessions and how far apart each session is depends on the coachee. Most commonly, they take place every two weeks, either on the phone, face to face or on Skype.

In the first session, your coach will spend some time helping you to clarify exactly what it is that you want to achieve and naming your goals, which is an important part of ensuring that your goals really motivate you because they are very personal to you.

Subsequent sessions are about identifying patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that may be limiting your progress. We give you the courage to think differently and help you to clarify issues as you work through, focus on solutions and we challenge you at times when it seems that you are avoiding your goal!

Each session is confidential and the information shared by the coachee is not shared with anyone else.

Who is coaching for?

The simple answer is … anyone! Anyone that is, who is open-minded and wanting to find that extra spark that they feel is missing in either their professional or personal life, or even both.

Is coaching for me?

If you are a Headteacher with at least 3 years’ experience, coaching will help you to look at ‘where next’, both professionally and personally.

If you are a Senior Leader (Deputy Head or Assistant Head) who has been in post for 2 or 3 years and you are looking for a change of direction, promotion, want to improve your performance but aren’t sure how, or are simply a ‘bit bored’ with what you are doing, coaching will help you make the change.

If you are a professional who has been in the same job for a while or who would like to make some changes in your professional / personal life, coaching will help you clarify your goals and support you towards achieving them.

You’re ready.

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