Ceri Bacon
Ceri BaconDirector

Ceri Bacon is a former Headteacher of a large 11-18 Secondary school in Surrey, on the outskirts of London.

As one of the youngest female Headteachers in the county, in five years she transformed an under-subscribed, under-staffed and poorly performing school in the most economically deprived area of the county into a school known for the quality of its leadership, teaching and learning and for the high academic performance of its students.

When she moved on from the school, St Paul’s Catholic College was at the top of the national league tables for GCSE results in similar schools across the country, meaning that children of all abilities performed beyond expectations.

In addition, she coached the school’s first ever successful Oxbridge candidate through his application and interview process, ensured that A-level results in a very mixed-ability Sixth Form were above national average, the school was over-subscribed and staff expertise was sought-after to support initial teacher training in other institutions.

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