Coaching for Deputy Headteachers


but not sure?

The move from Deputy to Headteacher is well-documented as ‘the big one’. It usually includes little training, a qualification that doesn’t really prepare you for it, and nobody to really talk to. Many deputies feel they ‘should’ become a Headteacher but worry about it. Other Deputies are happy being deputies but possibly feeling a bit bored.

So who can you talk to?

The chances are, your Head will try and persuade you to ‘take the top job’ … there is a national shortage after all. But do you want to? And if you don’t think you want to, what else could you do?

If you want to take the next step but are worried about whether you’ll cope, who can you talk to?

A coach listens, and helps you clarify what it is you really want. At Avanti, we believe that most of the time, you have the answers…

you might just need a ‘Thinking Partner’ to help you along the way

As a Deputy, you get pulled from pillar to post – you do your best to implement the Head’s vision, you support and protect the Head by acting as a ‘filter’ to staff, you listen to staff woes, you probably teach quite a lot (and are expected to get great results), you sort out behaviour issues, operational ‘urgent’ issues, deal with difficult parents and are highly visible all day long.

Which means that most of the time your own ‘work’ can only be done outside school hours.

So what about sleep, hobbies, relaxing?… And yet without this, you are limited with what you can achieve as Deputy. Deputies are great at giving advice to others that they rarely follow themselves.

  • Working with a coach gives you thinking time
  • allows you to plan better
  • helps you put yourself first so that you can function in a way that improves your performance.

Because after all, you matter.


What can coaching do for your school

Coaching can put the spark back into the daily lives of anyone who has the courage to work with it. This means that in a school where a number of people are being coached,

  • motivation levels are higher,
  • work rate is optimised and
  • people are more willing to take responsibility for their decisions because they feel empowered to do so.

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