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When you ask a Headteacher what they want for the children in their schools, the answers are generally very similar:

We want our children to be…


The question is, if the schools which they attend are not led by well balanced, confident happy head teachers, then how likely are we to achieve this for our children?

The best job in the world

Being a Headteacher is a really lonely job. This doesn’t mean it isn’t a great job, and it doesn’t mean it isn’t rewarding, satisfying and exciting. But those of us who have done it know how draining it can be emotionally, how tough psychologically and just how all-consuming, often to the point where relationships with family and friends suffer.

We make decisions that nobody else really wants to, we put up with initiative after initiative from consecutive governments, we listen, we praise, we smile till our jaws ache, we care deeply for our children, we support our staff, our parents, our local communities and we always do our best.

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We have the odd conversation with other Headteachers and we go to conferences occasionally. But on a weekly basis who tells Headteachers they are doing a great job? Who helps them find the motivation, courage and energy to keep moving forward? To pursue the elusive work/life balance that we tell other people about but just assume we’ll never have?

No, really, it IS the best job in the world!

What would it look like in your school if

  • You bounced into work every day with genuine enthusiasm?
  • You spent more time following your vision (and getting others to) than implementing another government initiative?
  • The staff and children were positively affected by this?

and then, when you got home, you weren’t totally washed out and drained? And …

  • You had the energy to listen to your family and friends?
  • You weren’t constantly worrying about school?
  • You had time to pursue your hobbies and all the things you ‘used to do’?
  • You went home almost every day feeling great?

What can Avanti Forward Thinking do for you?

If you work with Avanti Forward Thinking, you are coached by a former Headteacher who understands:

  • Your pressures and day-to-day worries
  • Your gnawing anxiety about SATs results, GCSE and A-level results
  • Your worries about the ever-changing curriculum and chronic staff shortages
  • Understands the nightmare of budget cuts

At Avanti Forward Thinking,

  • we don’t judge you,
  • we don’t set targets,

We take you from where you are to somewhere you really want to be – you’re in the driving seat. Our hope for you is that our sessions leave you feeling refreshed, balanced and ready for anything.

None of this will necessarily disappear just because you’re being coached, but you may well find that all these issues don’t become the blight of your day and that you cope with them differently … because you are pursuing a goal that you have set for yourself, a goal that makes you smile and want to get out of bed in the morning!


Ceri Bacon, Director of Avanti Forward Thinking

A 2015 Survey of Head teachers by The Future Leaders Trust and TES

A 2015 survey of head teachers by The Future Leaders Trust and TES saw less than half of respondents saying that they still planned to be a head teacher in ten years. Where do you want to be in ten years?

Heads speak of a football manager mentality, where one mistake means you’re out. And yet schools across Britain have improved outcomes for children, sometimes to an astonishing extent, with some of the most dramatic progress in areas of entrenched disadvantage. What a difference we could make if we stayed in post for longer with new-found new energy!

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